With status quo so easy to find, creativity may be your only chance to stand out.

Those who seem more creative have allowed themselves to be creative more often. Like training your mind to be an idea machine, creativity is a skill that comes with practice. The more you let yourself get creative, the easier it becomes. Start with a will to explore your past, current, and future environment through the lens of pure wonder. As this mental habit forms, try new things, conceptualize crazy ideas, doodle, or just daydream a bit more often. These exercises create space to explore creative ideas without limitations.

Extra Shot

Creatives don’t need to be inspired. Every day is a holiday. Celebrate it and let your practice inspire the art.

When you enjoy being creative for fun, you can focus that spirit into your work. As creativity flows through your work, the storytelling becomes more interesting. If you then combine interesting content with consistent execution, the potential to be remarkable is unlocked.

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