Welcome to more innovative energy! Hosted by Ben McDougal, this weekly podcast delivers timeless insight brewed from within. Every episode of #YDNTP is valuable, entertaining, and was recorded in-studio with 50+ featured guests. Enjoy!



EP1 – Caffeinated Manifesto

Ben McDougal

EP2 – Innovation in Iowa
Debi Durham & Anna Lensing

EP3 – Blockchain Origins
Jon Woodard

EP4 – StArtist
Siobhan Spain

EP5 – Jam with Jay
Jay Byers

EP6 – Computer Vision(ary)
Brad Dwyer

EP7 – Coopetition
Rebekah Sletten

EP8 – Cryptographic Cowboy
Kyle Tut

EP9 – Future of Work

Nancy Mwirotsi

EP10 – Behind The Action
Brandon T. Adams

EP11 – Sustainable Swagger
Russell Karim

EP12 – Enough is Plenty
Tom Swartwood

EP13 – Grow the Garden
Diana Wright

EP14 – Drams of History
Tej Dhawan

EP15 – Monster Trucks
Danny O’Halloran & Jake Miyazaki

EP16 – Funnel Canyoneering
Kaylee Williams

EP17 – Schoolhouse Rock
Anika Yadav

EP18 – Fourteeners
Jeff Reed

EP19 – Data Enablement
Ryan Gerhardy

EP20 – Manufacturability
Ethan Davidson

EP21 – Pinball Wizards
Ben Sinclair

EP22 – BioMathemAttorney
Cassie Edgar

EP23 – Make It Rain
Adam Viet

EP24 – Professor X
Andre Wright

EP25 – Stablecoins
Chase Merlin

EP26 – Safe Cāmpfires
Gabriel Glynn

EP27 – Lifelong Learning
Elizabeth Tweedale

EP28 – Let’s Get Phygital

Sachin Sehgal

EP29 – Borderless
Kerty Levy

EP30 – Exit Ramps

Brian Crotty

EP31 – What is School For?
Russ Goerend

EP32 – Connecting Leaders

Jessi McQuerrey

EP33 – Mental Fitness

Corey Dion Lewis

EP34 – Measured Twice
Ryan Glick

EP35 – Blue Magi
Sean Solberg

EP36 – Play Based Learning

Kristy Volesky

EP37 – Power of Purpose

Dwana Bradley

EP38 – Tokenomics
Joshua Larson

EP39 – Digital Dawn
Will Schneller

EP40 – Big Business
Joe Murphy

EP41 – Additive Manufacturing

Brandon Hart

EP42 – Flight Control
Cody Retlich

EP43 – The Art of Connection

Jessica Pfohl Paisley

EP44 – Do What You Love
Scotty Russell

EP45 – United We Are
Alex Myers

EP46 – Cheers To That
Navarr Grevious & AC

EP47 – Aunt Julie
Julie McDougal

EP48 – Consistency Counts
Michael Libbie

EP49 – Rubik’s Cube
Curt Nelson & Beth Meyer

EP50 – Making Moves
Tone the Movemaker

EP51 – Become What You Think
Drew Harden

EP52 – Difference in the Details
Tim Zarley

EP53 – Now & Later
Matt Vollmer & Evan Stanislawski

EP54 – Blurring Lines
Chris Klesmith & Kevin Neuman

EP55 – Inextinguishable Light
Jim Morgan

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