Comfort in the unknown is uncommon.

We’ve all seen Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the desire for reliable outcomes feels prehistoric. Like a lingering decision that still needs an answer, uncertainty feels heavy when you’re not used to the mental weight.

This makes it valuable to juggle a little uncertainty. Start with small things that don’t matter. For instance, let the chef select your dinner or try a new way to stand out at that next community event. As you learn to feel what it’s like to be comfortable in the uncomfortable, you’ll be more at ease when important uncertainties emerge.

What’s the point of such preparation? The freedom to build your own reality requires sacrifice and the sense of certainty can hold us back from where we want to be.

This sounds dramatic, but when it comes to our work, certainty is often an illusion contrived by the industrial age. A “safe” position in the factory is one decision away from a broken promise. The factory worker’s willingness to play it safe may extend a sense of temporary security, but this is a choice that makes you easy to replace with cheaper labor, faster tools, and advancing technology.

Extra Shot

Life is united by uncertainty.
What a gift we all share together.

Those who want to be indispensable transcend their own comfort zone. This doesn’t mean irrational decisions loaded with risk. This mindset is a form of contentment without being complacent. It’s gratitude and not taking our time for granted. It’s inviting fresh opportunities and coordinating momentum, even when dancing with the unknown is required. As we tune into the right rhythm by sequencing different steps, more complex moves can be introduced and before you know it, you’re dancing with the stars.