Gimmies are illegal under the Rules of Golf.

So why is the gimmie so common on the golf course? Does picking up your golf ball without tapping that “unmissable” putt really save much time? What’s the harm in a clean finish? Isn’t it worth hearing the satisfying sound of your golf ball dropping into the cup?

If you’re like me, most gimmies are not unmissable. Here lies the truth. People give gimmies so they will be given a break on short putts they might miss. There’s nothing wrong with keeping things casual, but tacit assumptions leave room for misunderstandings.

Extra Shot

May your feet always stay in the fairway.

If we golf together, you know I’m 100% chill. I’ve learned golf is like a walk in the park with a small objective, but if you’re keeping score, see how it feels to not give or take gimmies. Appreciate the short putts you miss. Count those extra strokes, knowing an unequivocal finish feels good and builds confidence for when gifts aren’t up for grabs.

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