You Don't Need This Book: Entrepreneurship In The Connected Era

You Don't Need This Book

Entrepreneurship in the Connected Era

You Don't Need This Keynote

You Don't Need This Keynote

BENergize your event

Roasted Reflections

Roasted Reflections

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ChatUX for NFT Owners

Ben McDougal evolves ideas into reality and accelerates others through the art of connection. You can read the full story, but this visualization highlights how Ben spends time within a diversified career portfolio.

In addition to work that feels like play, Ben says yes to adventure. He enjoys making nice things look nice, perceptual learning, golfing, EDM, finding the best view, caffeinated conversations without an agenda, and spending treasured time with his wife and daughter.

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With endless value for students, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and community builders, here are a few hand-selected relics to help you dive in. Cheers!

What is School For?

Russ Goerend is a bold and generous leader who designs community-driven experiences for high school students exploring what’s next within the Waukee APEX work-based learning program. This is a powerful episode for educators, students, and Read more…

Producing a Podcast

When are ya gonna start that podcast? We all have stories to tell and wisdom to share. Translating the key knobs that are turned when creating content, writing a book, recording an audiobook, minting an Read more…


Phygital is a nerdy good term. The combination of physical and digital is something humanity has been experimenting with for centuries. The history of electronic engineering is straight inventive and the conversational AI powering our Read more…


Do things always seem to work out for you? Our internal narratives and external experiences make the cultural consequences of serendipity hard to refute. Serendipity may be pseudoscientific, but it makes sense that things we Read more…

May the best of your todays be the worst of your tomorrows.